Infrared Thermography

What is Infrared Thermography?

Infrared Thermography is also called infrared testing. This inspection approach uses temperature variations inside the walls and ceilings of a home or building. All our inspectors are InterNACHI certified and have completed an intensive course on translating the images to the home buyer or seller. This information is very useful when selling or buying a home or to get the best out of your home.

Here are a few benefits of having a thermal inspection performed at your property.

  • It helps identify moisture intrusion behind the walls, floors, and ceiling by detecting the difference in temperature between a wet area and the surrounding dry areas.
  • It identifies low levels of insulation throughout the property.
  • It identifies problems with the electrical panels, such as hot breakers.

If you want to feel confident that you’re buying a quality home, we can help you with that. Whether the house you’re buying is big or small, new or over 100-years old, we’ll help you understand the condition and how the systems operate. Our goal is for you to feel confident making an informed home-buying decision. Call us at 252-436-8392 or you may click the button below to schedule online 24/7.

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